Where the HVAC Goes Wrong: Easy Repair Options

Especially in hot temperatures, the air conditioning is a blessing. Do you still sweat while driving? Is your air conditioning is not cooling properly anymore? Have you ever considered what you could do about it? We’ll let you know more about it:

Coolant Is Missing

The most common cause of non-cooling air conditioning is lack of coolant. It has to be refilled approximately every two to three years. There the HVAC repair gets tough. If this does not happen, the system does not cool properly anymore. Just refill, and you can drive again with pleasant temperatures. You should have the refilling done by the workshop. The coolant quickly turns into a gaseous state, and contact with the skin can cause frostbite! Use contrast media when refilling. Then you will easily recognize if the climate system is not tight.


Split or rockfalls can cause damage to the air conditioners condenser. Also, the capacitor may wear out over time. So if you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling properly, it may be due to a holey, faulty capacitor. It has to be exchanged. You can do that in any specialist workshop.

Defective Compressor

A broken compressor is usually irreparable. The compressor consists of moving parts. They convert the gaseous coolant into liquid. This is how your vehicle is cooled. If the air conditioner is switched on regularly, the parts also remain mobile. However, if you do not let your air conditioner run for a long time, the parts get stuck. The result is a defective compressor, which cannot be repaired. It only helps to exchange! Keep your air conditioning running again and again in winter; the parts remain mobile and the compressor intact. It also helps against fogged windows.

Leaky Hose

Another reason could be a leaking climate hose. If you have contrast media in your coolant, you can easily find the leak. The best thing you can do repairs to your air conditioning is by a specialist. Check the needs and issues that have to be repaired. Look at the climate check tips, and then you can give the workshop exact instructions on what to fix.

The Other Deals

Meanwhile, the air conditioning, even in our latitudes is almost the standard equipment of a new car. Anyone who has ever driven a few hours in high summer with 30 degrees outside and intense sunshine can confirm how effective that is. For the perfection regarding HVAC repair, this is important. In the absence of air conditioning in a car, there are chances that the attention decreases while driving, the pulse goes up, and it puts a heavy strain on the body. If, after a few days, the air conditioning system does not work properly, the leak can be found. In such cases, the low efficiency of the coolant which when failed to replace every two to three years can also be the reason. Here it is necessary to visit an auto repair shop to check for other issues like electrical fuses. In about 90% of the cases, most of these errors are fixed quickly.

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Peter Bailey