The Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Boiler in the UK

In the UK, the household boiler, whether gas or oil, is the main source of heat and comfort in a typical British home. The climate in our beautiful country is at best poor and it is often colder and wetter than it is warm. The reason why we choose heating boilers is because of their durability and dependability and many of these appliances work for years without needing much attention. They are very effective at keeping our homes really warm and cosy during the Winter months and throughout the rest of the year as well. They generally have less mechanical parts which means that they rarely fail us.

Nevertheless, boilers still need regular maintenance and if you haven’t already, you really should organise a book in boiler service for West London today. The reason why boilers last so long and continue to be reliable after ten to fifteen years is that they get regular servicing by competent boiler engineers. When you get your boiler serviced you are making sure that it is running at its top efficiency level, but you are also trying to address problems before they occur and cost you a lot more money.  Prevention is the key. Regular maintenance offers many benefits and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. It Means a Longer Life – Your heating system goes through regular stress as it operates almost every day in a UK household. From when you wake up until you go to bed and sometimes during the night, it is constantly working hard to supply you with the heat that you need. You can’t see the insides of your boiler, but corrosion is taking place and through regular use, wires are coming a little loose and connections are not as good as they should be. If these small issues are not addressed now, then they will grow into bigger issues that will affect the lifetime of your boiler.
  1. Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money Later – If you schedule regular checkups of your boiler and its heating system then you are making sure that problems don’t occur and if they have already begun, then you are nipping them in the bud early. This early preventative measures are saving you money because if they are not spotted now, then they will go on to be major faults and this is when you have to buy new parts. New parts cost money, but simply cleaning and checking costs very little.
  1. Better Efficiency – Much like your car, if your boiler receives regular checks and tune-ups then it is going to run better which means that it will use less fuel. Less fuel means regular savings for you over the lifetime of the boiler. If your boiler is running less efficient than it should, then it is going to burn more oil or gas and this is going to cost you a lot over the long term.

Regular maintenance is the key to a long lasting boiler and heating system, so organise a boiler service as soon as possible to make sure that your boiler is working at its optimum.


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Peter Bailey