How to modify your RV Hot Water Heater

Altering your hot water heater inside your camper or camper could be a relatively simple task. Doing this yourself could save you money and time and provide you with a sense of pride you have accomplished something vital that you your RV by yourself. There won’t be any necessity of taking your RV (entertainment Vehicle) right into a repair facility and you’ll save around 200 dollars on labor.Additionally, you will obtain a new perspective in your RV’s electrical and water system should you have an issue in the not too distant future.

The various tools you’ll need are couple of to accomplish this and you’ll be in a position to finish this project inside an hour. You may need a wrench, pliers, cordless drill, square bit, Phillips bit, knife scraper, pen, paper and you also will require sealant tape to reseal the outdoors exterior door from water leakage once you have installed the brand new hot water heater.

The very first task would be to make certain you have disconnected all capacity to your RV unit. After you have disconnected the ability supply towards the RV unit you can start to make certain your water lines and hot water heater happen to be drained all previous water. This can be done if you take your adjustable wrench and locating the drain valve located outdoors behind your hot water heater door. For those who have available some hardware stores will sell a drain plug wrench that can make removal much simpler. This plug is generally a 3/4 plug or 3/8 and it is on the bottom from the heater and could be removed by turning clockwise before you begin to see the water start to drain. Draining typically takes about ten minutes for the water to circulate out as well as your lines to get empty. Some heaters have a drain cock valve included in water plug drain. You are able to turn the valve counter clockwise and also the water will drain out of the heater.

After draining the heater the following task is to discover the access panel within your RV to get into the rear of the heater. The access panel is going to be directly behind the outside door when facing the heater from outdoors. This panel is generally a thin bit of plywood covering an access hole that enables you to definitely perform maintenance for your heater. Sometimes the place is going to be underneath a cupboard situated in your house. You’ll need your drill and perhaps your square mind bit to get rid of the 4 screws holding the panel door. Once removing this panel you will notice the 2 water lines connecting to the rear of the heater. Wrinkles are often obvious white-colored lines representing your inlet line and outgoing warm water line. For those who have a computerized ignition model or electric heating unit, these wires will also be visible behind the access panel.

You will have to make certain your gas continues to be switched off and away to the heater. This will be relevant factor to be able to take away the gas line securely. This can be done by removing your LP tank cover around the front of the RV or if it’s an electric motor home you’ll have an access panel for your LP tanks underneath the coach from outdoors. Turn your valve counter clockwise and will also make sure that your gas is off. You are able to drain your gas line by turning your stove on and lighting the pilot until all gas has bleed from the lines as well as your flame has gone out. After carrying this out simple process now you can start to bring your adjustable wrench and take away the gas line valve attached to the heater. This line is situated in the leading from the heater and it is usually 3/4 size. After you have removed the road, you will have to pull the road back from the heater by being able to access this from the access panel. It is crucial ensuring not to kink or bend the road in anyway. Following this process provide your RV sufficient time for you to allow any gas which has accrued to gradually dissipate away.

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