Great Gift Ideas for a Last-Minute Housewarming Invitation

There was once a time when hosting a housewarming party would see you receive not only a large number of gifts but also a large number of large gifts! And while times have certainly changed, with house warming gifts becoming much more modest, that doesn’t help you when you have just received a last minute invitation and you have no idea what to buy!

If this sounds like you, this article is here to help!

Cleaning Service!

Without a doubt, the most appreciated housewarming gift that you can give to somebody is the gift of a clean house. After all, imagine how dirty their new house is after moving all of the boxes and items through it. That’s before you even think about all of the dirty feet which walked through carrying the aforementioned items!

Check online for a cleaning service local to them and organize a pre-paid cleaning service. Before you arrive at the party, buy a cheap small novelty cleaning item like a toilet scrubber or a dishwasher and hand it to them with a small card telling them the details of how to collect their cleaning service.

Gift Vouchers

Don’t listen to what people say, gift vouchers are no longer an impersonal item. While a generic gift voucher may be received that way, vouchers like the ones from the Groupon Coupons page for Hot Topic allow for the person to buy exactly the type of gift they want for their house. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you know the recipient, a new house means a new start and new style, so best leave it up to them to decide.

Similar to the cleaning tip mentioned above, instead of just providing them with the email notification and code to scan when they redeem their voucher, think of a small creative way to present it to them.

Food Platter

Before you call up your local subway and get the longest sandwich money can buy, think smaller. Consider a meat and cheese tasting platter from your local artisanal deli or even just a range of cheeses on a serving plate which you prepared yourself.

The idea behind this tip is to take some of the hard work off your host. Getting the party ready and hosting an event is no easy task, and despite their best efforts, they are likely to run out of food. This is where a great small serving plate can come in handy to fill a void between meals or even to top up a food table which has become a little lacking.

The same idea works for drinks, also. While one bottle of wine is a nice gesture, consider a selection of smaller bottle of spirits which they can share throughout the party.

There you have it! There are three easy gift ideas which are guaranteed to be well received by the recipient and all of which are available at the last minute, which is the most important thing!

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Peter Bailey