Expand Your Space with an Outbuilding

Do you have a large backyard and a house that seems to be bursting at the seams? If so, one solution is to add an outbuilding to your yard. In addition to adding more space, one of these buildings could also be a way to make better use of your outdoor area. Something like a pavilion could create a focal point in the yard and give you a reason to get out of the house or to host outdoor garden parties. Here are several different ways you can use an outbuilding to expand your space.

Store Your Yard Equipment

One of the most common uses of an outbuilding is as a garden shed. You can store your lawnmower, gardening equipment, and other items here that you generally wouldn’t want to keep in your house. If you’ve had all of these things in your garage, you may not have room to park your cars in it. If your garage is full, a shed can help you free up some space by holding your holiday decorations or summer sports gear.

Create a Backyard Office

Many of these outbuildings can have electricity ran to them, allowing you to create an office or even a small living space separate from your home. You can retreat here to work without any of the usual distractions. You can also use this extra space as an artist’s studio, as a writer’s retreat, or as a space for entertaining. You can put in a corner cabin with double doors that allows your outdoor events to flow in and out of the space, making it an ideal location for the buffet table or for sitting out of the sun while watching the kids play.

Multi-Room Outbuildings

If you have an older child who is attending university but still living at home, one of the different multi-room log cabins could give him or her some privacy and independence. The same is true if you have an elderly relative living with you, or one of these buildings could be turned into a guest room. Many of them are designed to provide everything the occupant needs, including a bathroom and a small kitchen area. Some are even multi-level and look like small homes. With a small living and dining area, plenty of storage space, and several customisation options, these buildings are an ideal solution for adding space to your home without the expense or complications of adding on to your house.


There are a number of outbuildings designed to function as garages, too. These buildings have large swing-out double doors or up-and-over doors and can fit one or two vehicles. You can also purchase one of these buildings and simply use it for storage, especially if your home has no garage or you currently have a single-car garage but have multiple vehicles. These large spaces can also be used as a wood shop or for performing maintenance on vehicles. They can be made from several different materials and customised in a variety of ways.

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Peter Bailey