Backer board may be put directly on top of the robust vinyl floor that was laid around the laminate or possibly a tough-wood sub-floor. However, once the floor already includes multiple layers some or all people layers should be removed. Prior to deciding to lift any type of flooring, check once the hooking up or any part of the sub-floor includes asbestos. Whether or not this does, it is almost always better to train on a professional to deal with this. Plenty of vinyl floor installed just before the seventies contained asbestos, which poses serious health problems to people who breathe it in. You’re going to get asbestos testing kits to see if the ground really includes asbestos.

Once the floor does not contain asbestos, you can begin by to begin with eliminating the underside-boards, then start lifting the floor on a single for yellows in the room and are available across. Should there be a loose part of the floor, it is almost always easier to start there, as every time they visit with an easy demolition job. Once the floor is stubbornly holding, then cut a funnel inside the floor then take advantage of the extended-handled scraping tool to peel the floor off. To get the the best results, you need to switch the advantage round the scraping tool easily, since it is susceptible to blunting. If done correctly, the floor will lift in squares or possibly in extended strips and is easily thrown away. Once you have completed this stage, you will probably find that the couple of from the backing remains stuck for the floor. If this describes the problem, stick to the floor scraping tool until everything remains lifted. When fails, you might like to take advantage of the warmth gun to make use of warmth straight down.

When faced with vinyl placed on the wood floor, it definitely is best practise to eliminate the intermediate floor that’s on top in the sub-floor, together with the vinyl. This enables your brand-new tile floor to relaxation on one level since the existing floor in other rooms in your home. Step one is always to drill single inch hole lower for the sub-floor, only to check how thick the under-floor is really. Employing a rotary saw, cut the floor in sq foot . tiles, that might be easily lifted and discarded. Take advantage of the pry-bar to lift these tiles along with the under-floor directly out and take off all adhering out nails.

Undertaking a demolition project by having an existing floor is not easy however when you stay with the advice above, you possibly can make the process as efficient as you can.


Peter Bailey