A Quick Guide to Choosing Tiles for Your Kitchen

Here is a quick guide to buying both tile splash back and kitchen floor tiles, from how to make the most of patterned tiles to how to create a stylish neutral look.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Tiles are one of the most durable, easy to clean and maintain and stylish flooring options to use in a kitchen. They can also be made from a range of materials from stone to marble to vinyl, and you can view a range of the most popular and contemporary options via London Tile Shop’s Kitchen collection.

For those able to afford genuine stone or high quality floor tiles such as those sold via the Tile Yard Sale Company (which cutting out the middle man and showroom is actually one of the cheapest places to find high quality floor tiles) this is always the best and actually most financially sensible option as they will always outlast the alternatives. Few materials after all is stronger than stone. Further, the natural beauty provided by stone and wealth of different colours and hues it features provides a versatile and ageless flooring solution.

Tiles vs. a Splash Back

Glass splash backs cost more than tiles usually, but are easier to clean and maintain as they do not feature grouting, which is somewhat porous and will absorb splashes to some extent. Further, in a kitchen which features a tiled floor, particularly a bold or quirky tiled floor (such as a patterned one), a glass or steel splash back can help to prevent wall and floor tiles from clashing or overwhelming a space.  Meanwhile, in kitchens which have a wooden, natural stone or even feature vinyl flooring, tiles are a great way to add some colour, character, texture and even just pattern and interest.

In addition to using either a tile or glass splash back, you may want to consider investing in an upstand, which can also be created using tiles as well as glass, wood and / or steel. For more advice, information and as well additional insight into when an upstand is better to use over tiles or a splash back, head over to the DIY Kitchens website and give their article: Should I chose Splashbacks or Upstands?, a read.

How to Use Patterned Tiles

Whether tiling a kitchen floor or using tiles in place of a splash back, patterned tiles can be purchased to do the job. The question then is how to incorporate patterned tiles into a design. After all, it is far too easy when wanting to use patterned tiles to go overboard or end up with a kitchen that instead of being colourful, yet stylish, is simply garish and chaotic looking.

Then, and to get it right, when using patterned tiles to create a characterful and creative splash back within a kitchen ensure that you make this the focal point within the room. This means muting or downplaying the colours used in the rest of the room, including on the walls and when choosing flooring.

A great way to decide whether to opt for patterned splash back tiles is to actually purchase a set of patterned tile stickers, such as these sold in purpose made packs via the Etsy website. Whilst these can be easily removed and are inexpensive, applying and living with them for a while is sure to help you to make the decision as to whether a patterned tile splash back is really for you.

Meanwhile, to discover how to use patterned and colourful kitchen floor tiles stylishly, head over to the Home Flooring Pros website where you will find a wealth of images and advice to help you achieve exactly that. Also, the pinterest website is a great go-to resource and one chockfull of ideas when it comes to using patterned tiles within your kitchen.

Ways to Add style When Using White Tiles

Of course, patterned and colourful tiles are not the only means of adding character or style to a kitchen. In fact, you can achieve both and as well create the illusion of patterning and texture to a kitchen and whether tiling a floor or wall space when using entirely white tiles, provided you make the most of the different types and styles out there.

Take for example one of the best loved and most stylish options, the metro tile. Best used to tile walls, metro tiles derive their name from their original use as a durable and inoffensive wall covering used to deck out the London Underground. Today they are massively popular and a favourite tile amongst interior designs due to their simple, yet stylish design and iconic look. And you can learn more about metro tiles as well as see what they look like by heading over to the Tons of Tiles website.


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