A Brief Guide for Buying Scaffold Towers

Have you seen the complicated contraption of thin pipes and planks that are installed during the construction of a building? This is known as the scaffolding, and is generally used to provide support to the construction workers. During the construction of the building, construction workers generally have to get up to precarious heights in order to do their jobs. Previously, there weren’t any building regulations, which is why construction workers were only hired at their own risk. They were made to sign their safety away before the commencement of the job.

Thankfully, that has changed nowadays. The government has introduced a series of regulations that focus on providing maximum security to construction workers who are working at dangerous heights. In fact, there are strict regulations for construction companies to follow when installing the scaffolding. If the weights used on the scaffolding are greater, the scaffolding itself must be thicker. Therefore, while it may seem simple, there are several important factors that you should consider while buying scaffold towers. The following guide will help you make an excellent purchase.

Find a Reliable Supplier

There are only a handful of companies that currently provide towers and scaffolding to construction companies throughout the UK. Most of the scaffolding towers are made from aluminum or stainless steel. It’s easy to move around due to its lightweight construction, and can be dismantled within a few minutes. First of all, you will need to find a reliable supplier for the job. You can read reviews of different companies that manufacture scaffolding and find out what their customers have to say. There are plenty of online forums where construction workers discuss the types of scaffolding in use today. It’s not difficult to find out whether a company has a positive reputation in the industry.

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Placing an Order

Due to the niche nature of scaffolding towers, companies set their own prices. Before placing an order, you should always compare the prices of certain scaffolding towers. If you want a tower constructed for specific dimensions, you can also place an order for a custom tower. Make sure you provide the accurate dimensions to the company so that they can create a tower exactly how you want it. Obviously, custom construction will cost more money. You can request quotes from two or three suppliers and choose the one that is most affordable.


Most companies offer the option of picking up the towers from their warehouse, or they can deliver it straight to the construction site. Once the tower has been delivered, you can easily set it up. There’s a detailed guide that comes along with the tower that you can use in order to put it together. Modern towers don’t use many screws, which shortens your building time. They also come with platforms that can keep the tower in place while someone is working. Make sure that you set up the safety latches tightly so that the tower doesn’t give way while it’s in use.

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