Blinds are easier to clean, maintain and a more modern option than traditional curtains. For these reasons, more and more people than ever now use them to shade their living room and lounge windows, and patio doors. Also for that reason, here are three top tips for choose blinds for your living room.

  1. For Maximum Control Over the Light Entering a Room…

Traditional venetian style blinds are cost effective, modern, unfussy and a fantastic option to consider for use within a living room. Further, whilst horizontal venetian blinds are best used on windows which are wider than they are deep, for deeper windows or to furnish patio doors, vertical slatted blinds are also an equally fantastic option.

Made and sold in a variety of materials, including real wood, wood effect, aluminium and vinyl (listed here in order of the highest costing to the least expensive in most cases), this means that venetian and slatted blinds are a viable option whatever your budget – with vinyl and aluminium blinds likely to cost you less than standard curtains.

By far the reason venetian and slatted blinds are worth considering for use within a living room though is due to the fact that unlike curtains they provide a home owner with the maximum control over the amount of light allowed to enter a room. That is, whilst curtains can either be opened, closed or partially drawn, the slats that make a blind can be tilted to varying degrees as well as dropped or raised. This means home owners can control amount of natural light that enters a room, enabling them to prevent the sun at different times of the day from shining in their eyes where they are sat and potentially being prevented from comfortably watching or even seeing the TV or any other task they may be attempting to complete, whether reading a book, writing one even, knitting or curled up with an ipad or kindle.

For more information about venetian blinds as well as reasons why they make such a great choice within a living room and more generally the home, head over to the Home Improvement Pages website and give their feature: Benefits of Venetian Blinds a read.

  1. For Ultimate Convenience…

Motorised blinds are most often associated with and purchased for use within bedrooms, when people do not want to have to climb in and out of bed in order to control the lighting . That said, who really wants to get off their sofa or out of their favourite arm chair to open, shut or adjust their blinds?

Further, with motorised blinds being an accepted feature in our bedrooms, why contain them to our bedrooms? Rather, why not make the most of this simple and inexpensive technology by using it elsewhere in the home? Then, motorised blinds are a fantastic option for homes where there are children and youngsters as they negate the need for pulleys and / or strings which can present a potential danger to younger children, and easily be broken or damaged by older kids too.

To learn more about motorised blinds and the benefits as well as how much they are likely to cost you depending on the size and type of your living room window(s) continue your reading and research over at the UK Blinds and Shadings website and specifically take a look at their Guide to Motorised Blinds.

  1. To Create Ambience and the Best Cinema Experience…

Another hugely popular type of blind used within the bedroom but which should not be simply consigned to use within the upstairs of a property is the blackout blind. Whilst blackout blinds are almost always unnecessary when it comes to dining rooms and kitchens, when it comes to living rooms and also actually home offices and study rooms blackout blinds are a great tip to give anyone looking to buy or replace their blinds.

Whilst blackout blinds make a great choice for use within a study or home office because they help to prevent the sun or in the evening and at night the glare from lampposts and passing traffic from shining into a room and becoming a distraction, they do the same when used at your living room window(s).

Further, blackout blinds through effectively blocking almost all the light likely to distract or interrupt you whilst you are in your living room, also make it easier for you to control the atmosphere within your lounge and create the ideal cinema experience when settling down to watch a movie.

That is not their only benefit though; in fact, and as explained in more detail via the Ocean Air website article: Benefits of Blackout Blinds & Curtains, blackout blinds can as well significantly reduce noise pollution and also your heating bill as they help to retain the heat within a room whilst also shutting the noise out.


Peter Bailey