Try An Aromatherapy Fragrance In Your Hot Tub Or Spa

Many people who already own a hot tub or spa are on the look out for ways of making the most of the time spent in the water. One of these ways, and you may not have considered this before is using your hot tub as a way of influencing your mood. Hot tubs and spas are naturally thought of as mood enhancers but you can actually take it to a whole new level by adding an aromatherapy fragrance to the water.

Take a look at Spazazz Original Aromatherapy Spa Crystals in a wide choice of fragrances to influence your mood. There’s lavender palmerosa to help bring about a sense of relaxation, grapefruit orange to invigorate your senses or verbena lime to awaken you. Just add the fragrance according to the mood you want to achieve. Of course all the fragrances incorporate a blend of natural botanicals, herbs and minerals to help keep your skin soft and supple.

If you’d rather use your hot tub or spa to target certain ailments then perhaps the Spazazz RX Therapy fragrances would work better for you. There’s the muscle therapy blend to help relieve painful muscles after a work out, the joint therapy which tackles inflammation and would be ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia or perhaps the respiratory therapy for when you are feeling under the weather with a bad cold. All are enriched with a number of different vitamins and other therapeutic natural substances such as arnica and calendula.

On a lighter note you could try the Spazazz His And Hers Collection in a blend such as romance, a strawberry and champagne experience or perhaps fire and ice or wild fiesta to bring back holiday memories. Which ever one you choose, just lie back and enjoy the experience.

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Peter Bailey