The Most Popular Cottage Plans

Cottage – the term itself brings to the mind an image of a small home with a storybook like picturesque charm. But that’s about storybooks. In real world cottages are typically vacation homes built near a lake or in the backdrop of a mountain. It is a place where people go and spend their holidays or family vacations. It would be safe to say that for many it is a home away from home.

So if it is in fact a home away from home then choosing right type of cottage plan in Quebec becomes very important. Over the period of years, there have been a lot of different types of cottage plans and styles that have been adopted in Quebec. However, the lists that we share today are the styles that have enthralled over and over again.

The Victorian Style

Following the architectural design style that evolved under the reign of Queen Victoria, the Victorian cottages are characterized by complex design, asymmetrical shape, and bright colours. They will always have a porch and will be extremely beautiful to look at. However, these types of cottage plans can be less functional for the modern day living.

The Log Cabin Style

This is one of the oldest design style still around. This type of cottages started off as mostly single room dwellings that grew into multi room cottages with time. Cottage plans with log cabin style are mostly found in rural settings. However, they do fit in with the urban setting as well and can be highly functional. However, they key factor here will be the type of wood that is decided to be used.

The Cape Cod Style

Having found their roots in the New England, these type of cottages have steeper roofs and larger chimneys. This type of cottage style combines trendy style with cosy living. They blend well with any type of surrounding and have a distinct appeal to them.

The Craftsman Style

This style of cottages usually features wide front porch and low hanging roof. There will be a big fireplace alongside big beams and the indoors. This style works best for people who want to build the cottage on their own and use only natural elements.

The Modern Style

These type of cottages focus on energy efficiency and sustainable living. They tend to maximize the use of natural light, wind, and recyclable material.

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